Frequently Asked Questions

As a scientist and researcher who is always learning it is definitely frustrating when someone who is sharing knowledge is inaccessible.

For some there is no way to contact them to ask a question or comment on content they’ve put out.

I would like to take a cue from our Lord’s words, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and so I have created this FAQ page.

What you will find below are the most frequently asked questions along with my answers.

To search for a specific question, do the following:

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* If you’re using a smart phone,

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  3. Type your search term then tap the Search button

  4. After you have searched this page thoroughly, if your question isn’t answered on it, see the note at the very bottom.

*Questions and answers will appear here*

Have a question for Mike that doesn’t appear above? 

If Mike has NOT already answered your question in one of the answers or links on this page, post it on this page. The question will appear near the top of this page when Mike has the time to answer it.