This is Still in the Storm, a newsletter about navigating the storm by building strength in faith and health.

Hello, my name is Mike Donio. For more than 20 years I’ve been a research scientist, largely in pharma and biotech.

I have experience in virology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, electrophysiology, immunology, and oncology. I was unique in the industry in that I’ve had the opportunity over the past 20 years to gain experience in a vast array of scientific disciplines. Most scientists these days are highly specialized. My undergraduate degree is in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Univ. of Mass, and my graduate degree is in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins.

This enables me to approach discussions about science with a different perspective, drawing on my firsthand experience within all of these different disciplines.

In October of 2021 I was terminated for not complying with my now former employers covid vaccine mandate. Since then I’ve been speaking out and sharing the truth about the current state of scientific research.

I made the decision not to comply after a lot of research and praying. It was not easy, as I am a husband and father with 3 young children but nonetheless I knew it was the right decision. Many have asked how I was able to do it knowing I had to find a way to provide for my family. I was able to make the decision by putting myself in a place of still and calm instead of acting out of fear.

This is why I started this newsletter. We are so much stronger when we make informed decisions ourselves without relying on so called experts. To do this effectively though we must find our still, to make calm and rational choices.

I want to share how I found my still to make such a monumental decision. For me faith, heath and walking boldly in truth have been crucial.

So join me in exploring how we can find our still and push fear out of the picture. Of course I will talk quite a bit of science too.

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Personal newsletter of wrongfully terminated scientist Mike Donio, MS. Exploring how to find your still and navigate the storm that is raging all around us by building strength in faith, health and truth.


Founder, Science Defined. Husband. Father. Senior Scientist. Molecular Biology. Biochemistry. Biotechnology. Christ in you, the hope of glory.