Seeing this video tonight was synchronistic. I’m just now doing a deep dive and I have several questions. It appears there’s some correlation with symptomatic disease and positive test results. What, if not a virus, could potentially cause this? From a layman’s perspective I think about things like higher sputum production - which would contain more of everything but also be a symptom of disease. Or potentially fragmented or a higher amount of broken/degraded cells, proteins or nucleic acid? (I told you I was a layman) Could stress, thus cortisol levels create positive tests? Most confusing is that in 2020 WHO protocols for isolation and testing required someone to test negative after 10 days of quarantine. What could these tests have been picking up on enough for there to be some correlation that the test givers didn’t raise suspicion? From the quick research I’ve done it does not appear that the cycle threshold was manipulated per length of quarantine.

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all the best with your deep dive.

I found the work of the Perth Group very helpful in getting my head around this. Their work on HIV humbly summarised here https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/the-importance-of-intellectual-freedom

Yes indeed having a 'disease' which is a collection of detox symptoms - more appropriately expressed as an imbalance or being under some kind of stress, produces stress proteins which induce inflammation in the body- these are then mistakenly thought to be viral proteins. For example the p24 protein thought to be an HIV protein is in fact produced in all sorts of 'diseases'- or the body's response to stress such as cancer, inflammation and pregnancy.

The so called spike protein is also one or a group of stress proteins https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/spikes-and-knobs

Stressing the body also produces novel RNA and DNA sequences-mistakenly thought to be viral genomes. Observing these in groups of people under the same environmental toxins is not surprising. Nor is observing different ones when pollution, for example, gets worse.

As regards PCR cycles- it is immaterial as the sequences have never been shown to come from a contagious entity.



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Excellent info. So glad my ramblings were decipherable. You hit all the points I’m just now wrapping my head around. The journey continues!

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Thank you, that's made my day and it all worthwhile! I thought I recognised your brain trying to make sense of it all in a similar way to mine.

i think you will find the House of Numbers videos, still amazingly on youtube, very helpful too.

All the best Shepard,



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Hello Mike.

Thanks for the video.

I have a basic question.

In minute 06:04 you say the series of improbable events that allow a virus to find a cell and persuade it to get inside, "...and then the virus is able to hijack the cell's replication machinery to reproduce its genome, and then produce new proteins that are associated with it."

About those proteins. I think I remember from high school that the proteins are built by other proteins, who stitch together simple aminoacids. But where do the aminoacids come from? Are they floating around in the nucleus?

I ask this because if there is a shortage of some aminoacid that the viral proteins need, then the cell would produce viral particles that, perhaps, would be incompetent to infect another cell. Which adds weight to the list of improbabilities. But I don't know if it is possible that a cell can survive with shortages of aminoacids.


A comment about the paradox that there is not enough virus to isolate but there is enough to quantify and calculate the progression of the disease.

I would be willing to believe it is possible if it wasn't due to the fact that supposedly contagious people are together all the time and almost never fall ill, and in the case of sars-cov-2 the few people who fall ill are probably falling ill because of the stupid masks and the re-breathing of the vapor that saturates the damned plasticky thing, and most of all the FEAR. Also, 99.97% survival. That is a huge tell it cannot be possible that people pass that around. The disease is any other thing but viral in origin.

In the case of the horrible hemorrhagic fevers of West Africa, it is said there is a 50% fatality rate and are viral. I doubt they are measuring anything right. In rich countries people are already sloppy at measuring things, and they have everything they need. Everyone lies about that.

I commented this one time elsewhere and I was accused of racism, as if I was saying that black African doctors don't know what they are doing because they are black. So their data is valid because of the thought-terminating cliche of racism. Which is absurd. That attack is actually the racism of low expectations combined with the desire to coverup a fraud. So now I think that whatever it is that causes those epidemics it cannot be a virus either, only a huge coverup for whatever illegal experiments are performing on the people living there.

Who knows, it can be due to chemicals. In West Africa there is gold and other valuable materials, and there are mines and miners, and the process of mining anything involves exposing people to very nasty stuff, which probably go to the water and the air and then begin to appear mysterious diseases in remote villages, far from the mines. Why invent difficult things like viral theory to explain that, if not to protect commercial interests?

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Excellent points. I am always around very sick and one would guess contagious folks, but I never seem to get sick. I may wake up with a sore throat the next night or maybe have very tiny bit of congestion, but I’m always fine or back to normal in 24 hours or less. Never been jabbed for anything, so I am really questioning whether anyone should have ever gotten even one vaccine. Maybe it’s all psychosomatic.

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That’s a great point. We are so used to thinking about sickness in terms of contagion without exploring other causative factors. Psychosomatic is a great example. Anything emotional or psychological is problematic for science because it can’t be easily measured and drugged so they are usually ignored.

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Yes indeed, ignored by the ignorant medics!!

I was misdiagnosed by ignorant medics in 2020 who should have asked about my diet. No one did, yet the cause, sodium nitrite poisoning which I refer to in an earlier comment has been known about for over 100 years!!

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Re "Maybe it’s all psychosomatic."

Yes, fear is a key driver, depleting the immune system resources/energy. If you are around sick people and sterilizing chemicals being used, fumes and the like will be poisonous and therefore harm you, albeit not as much as the fearful.


It has been written 'What you fear will come upon you' and this is very true.

One final point I would mention is that I met a man who had been at boarding school in UK in Sussex in the 'flu epidemic of 1957/58. He and his brother had to help look after the other boys who remained at the school (many went home I gather). He and his brother did not fall ill.

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Feb 17, 2023Liked by Mike Donio

In case it isn't clear, I'm a scientist who has actually studied what I thought were viruses and then came to realize that there isn't evidence to support that. I'm presenting my firsthand experience as someone who's been there, done that. The Bailey's and others are doing great work for sure. Hopefully, what I'm doing will add another dimension to that due to my experience. Thanks!

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Good stuff, I hadn't seen it.

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Feb 18, 2023Liked by Mike Donio

Thank you so much for all of your efforts. Truly appreciate your open, questioning mind, in a world where arrogance seems to be at the forefront of the decision- making, globally.

When you mention the theory that a cell can burst open due to the viral load/ activity, I wonder if virologists actually are describing the impact toxic heavy metals may have on living cells; one could question whether cells will try to eliminate toxins by "absorbing" or enveloping them, then try to eliminate them by making them into smaller pieces, for the body to expel them easier.

In such a scenario, on could imagine that a cell would "explode", and thus expel all these toxic metals out for destruction by the body. But even this can be questioned; why would a living cell do this to itself?

It is important that we are explained things in layman terms (by the "scientists" and "governments"), for us to be able to discern whether or not their "measures" against alleged "viruses" are indeed called for, or not. It should be clear to anyone, at this point, that this is not being done, and the "justification" is (as always), the alleged "danger"/ "crisis"- aspect of it.

The question is, - as always; who's "science" are we following, where is it taking us, - and at what cost?

Looking forward for more content from you. Very important work, you do. Kind regards. :)

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Good stuff Mike. Solid information without the nonsense. I can’t find fault with anything you said. Thank you.

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Thank you! Appreciate it.

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This is great, thank you Mike!

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Hello from the UK

All excellent thank you. If I may add my pennies worth, early in 2020 I saw a comment on YouTube which said there were no contagious diseases. I was very surprised but I bore this in mind and when the COVID 19 fraud came along I started researching whilst on furlough.

I was undergoing immuno-therapy for an alleged cancer which in Sept 2020 I realised was in fact sodium nitrite poisoning.

Anyway by June of 2020 I had worked out that our understanding of viruses was fundamentally flawed and we had been lied to for decades. All the house of cards came tumbling down. I then setup my website to expose the fraud and tell what was really going on.

I realised that diseases were toxic poisoning, all essentially versions of the 'flu, the influenza the in flowing of toxins within the body. These are caused by the metabolism of food and added to by the very great many toxins in the environment including plastics which have increased enormously over the years.

Not to forget of course the vaccines and big p-harm-a drugs.

Detoxing is vital and toxins mainly build up in the winter in northern hemisphere due to reduced sunshine levels above a certain latitude, which leads typically to low vitamin D levels, the true pandemic in the western world with its increased living and working indoors.

Purging the body of the toxins can be done by fasting and use of antioxidants, the prime one being vitamin C. Vit C is for Cure,and vit D is for Defense, so cure for CoviD (the ‘flu) is in the name, first and last letters.

Viruses are the exosome, part of the body's defense system and what is seen through the electron microscope. , helping, not hindering our health. In Latin virus can be 'Strength of us', 'vi' is 'strength', 'vir' is 'man' and a man is by and large 'strong'.

Viruses have in the past been understood to be 'poison, slime, venom' and if to be understood this way they are chemical, not biological.

I have written quite a bit on these matters and if you should be at all interested I have written these. This contains a Covid 19 summary which has various sub-links to the different aspects, including viruses and exosomes.


On the vaccine industry.


On pharmaceuticals which refers to some interesting anagrams in the word 'pharmaceuticals'.


Part of the story re sodium nitrite and cancer.



And for the children or young at heart, a story I wrote in 2020, The Emperor's New Cows.


Many thanks again for what you have done.

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I recall reading somewhere, may be Dr Mark Bailey's article he wrote Nov 2021 which I only recently, was that these original scientists used lung cells but nothing happened. They then used other cells, with different additives, which they knew would breakdown with that cell line. Unicorns, indeed! When you said, these inert brainless thing(s) can enter body then go find right type of cell to penetrate, then multiply, is astounding!

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I'm wondering if these are not ancient bio weapons. The fallen angels were here long before Man and had wars with one another... I'm not sure they were made by the Creator.

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