Beautiful message.

Thank you.

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This that we have No is not saiens. For this is superstition

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Asa pharmacist, I stand with you on the ‘trinity’ of faith, health ( nutrition, exercise) and science - in that order. The one piece of scripture that links all of these together ( for me) is 2Peter 1:3 “His divine power has given to us ALL THINGS that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue... “

I believe ‘all things’ to encompass all things.... Not simply spiritual, for these things are all interconnected...

kinda deep, but profoundly reassuring for me. -enough to keep me (like you) pressing forward in faith ☺️

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wonderful and inspiring message, thank you. I'm new to your substack and assumed the word "still" in "Still in the Storm", meant "up to and including this time", but what I understand from this message today, it really means "a calm, a peacefulness". I pray that more people (especially those in medical/research/science) would go to the "outside" like you have, then we could topple this tyrannical system full of lies.

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Like Cathleen, I thought the “Still” meant hanging in there.

Even though I have been getting signs that I can relax and trust, today was particularly rough for me.

Anger has been building through my system every time I see someone that doesn’t “get it”.

Logically, I understand, but emotionally it feels like each person that won’t open their eyes is killing the people I love. Literally.

So even though I have an understanding that I can totally trust my God from ACTUAL experience, today I wasn’t feeling that so much!

Then you popped up in my email and I started reading, even though I was in a hurry... Second major sign I have received in the last few days that God can do what I can’t. And to trust that without understanding “HOW?!”.

I can only do what a human can do, keep putting one foot in front of the other and deal with what I can today.

Thank you again Mike!

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Beautiful, powerful message, Mike! You have a heart of gold and are blessed with the knowledge and wisdom to help make a positive impact in this world. The strength of that impact is fueled by your intention, so I’d say it’s extremely strong. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do in order to spread the messages of truth. Continue being strong, courageous and well! 💖

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Why have you deleted my message? That is manipulation and not very Godly.

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Interesting. Firstly I commend you for not taking the mandated Covid military grade bioweapons. But hey, I'm challenging you to step outside the American Christianity "box" and tell your listeners the Truth. American Christianity is also a Greek initiated psyops that has flipped the narrative upside down. The only reason Yeshua Hamashiach - a Jew - commanded peace in the storm was because He was divine and fully connected and spiritual entangled to the creator God. Jesus is a Greek Hellenized icon that is not divine and thus cannot bring any peace to anyone. 'Still in the Storm' isn’t clear because you obviously do not understand it at a spiritual level and you don't really understand the science and dynamics of how a storm or hurricane actually operates. A storm is a double vortex.... one being visible moisture and the opposite counter-rotation is unseen energy that counteracts it and creates the STILL at the apex. You are not identifying the unseen energy accurately. Your version is merely a narrative... an old and boring one proselytised to the rest of the world mainly by Americans.

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