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Still, Science, and Psyops


Welcome to another Still in the Storm post!

From Last Week

If you haven’t seen the video from last week, I would highly encourage it especially if you are frustrated and getting beat down by the storm.

I have put a link to it below. If you know anyone who could benefit from the message, please share it with them.

This week I’m talking about still, science and psyops. I’ll briefly explain each.

What’s This About Still?

First, I received some comments indicating that the meaning of ‘still’ in Still in the Storm wasn’t clear. I took a little bit of time to provide a brief explanation.

I hope it is clearer now. If you have a good way to find your still please mention in the comments so that others may benefit from the information.

Defining Science

Then I started a discussion of science, more specifically how it is defined and what the proper methodology should be.

Is there one single, specific definition for science? Can it be separated from other disciplines like theology and philosophy? If not we need to consider that.

Moving on, how we define science will allow us to form an understanding of the best method(s) to use in correctly executing it.

Let’s continue this discussion in the comments below too.

Are We in the Midst of the Greatest Psyop of All Time?

Last, I provided my thoughts on the psyop that is currently playing out around us. We are seeing all at once an affirmation of the “lab leak” theory in almost every major mainstream media outlet simultaneously as well as the Director of the FBI.

This screams of coordination and where there’s smoke there is usually fire. We are seeing a flipping of the narrative and I shared my thoughts on the big picture.

If you find this information valuable, please help me by liking and sharing the it.


Until next time, I truly hope you find your still in this storm that is raging all around us. And, of course, don’t stop questioning the science! It is never settled.

Thank you and God Bless.

Want to Watch the Video Outside of Substack?

In case anyone is having issues with video playback on Substack it has also been uploaded to the Still in the Storm channels at the links below:

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Here is last week’s post in case you missed it:

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